Process Equipment Management - iBotech P1
Why do we need PEM?
Managing all robots and equipments in the manufacturing process will be more crucial to enterprises as the environment become more complex. It requires skills, domain knowledge and technology to symphony all the equipments, people and processes in a rapidly changing production line. The key challenge is how could we digitalise the information flow between these legacy and modern machines, streamline the process and inform the managers with insight at the right time?

Benefits of iBotech P1:
Digitally Integrate and manage the data flow between manufacture process and equipments by a single view from any devices at anytime. iBotech P1 complete the last mile of whole Product Lifecycle Management and closely converge the process product design and production process and even further extend to equipment/device management in the manufacturing process. iBotech P1 help your oganization increase factory productivity while reducing management effort at the same time.