Manufacture Big Data Platform - iBoCloud
Pain Points for next generation factory managers:
When many factories implement the concept of “Smart Manufacture”, there will be more proliferating robots collaborating with all types of control equipments, systems, programming languages and internet-connected devices over the intranet/internet. How can the factory manager be able to manage such heterogeneous platform and complex environment? It takes in-depth skills across many knowledge domains (Automation, Robot, IT infrastructure, data analysis ….etc)to well manage this modern factory. But where can we find the right talent and how long does it take to train the workers to perform their job? Moreover, as so many data generated from these robots, equipments and devices, do we have the capability to store these distributed and unstructured data and transform these data into insight? In addition, how can we find the right skilled worker to analyse and interpret the data to predict the trend or potential risk in advance?
Benefits of iBotech data cloud solution
iBoCloud: this solution will turn our client’s factories all over the world into a synchronised virtual factory. We help our our clients easily and quickly connect all equipments and robots and human experts by applying industry-standard technology and integrate all data and information into the cloud we build for our clients. Factory managers and Headquater executives can use their mobile devices to access all information related to manufacturing process in real time. These information include : Production efficiency, labor hour , machine and electricity consumption etc. Further to this, we provide analysis report to executives on weekly or monthly basis.