About Us
iBotech is the “industry 4.0” enabler with innovative & integrated automation technology products catered for our clients needs from all industrial sectors. We provide best-in-class consulting services and in-depth industrial experiences to help evaluate and implement automation technology products that are designed to exceed our client’s expectations — and are continuously enhanced by customized training, simulation services and support.
With iBotech’s complete platform behind the scene- integrated Hardware, Software, cloud-based management platform and data analytic Services, our clients have fulfilled their vision - SMART MANUFACTURING.
Machine Works. Talent Matters:
We strongly believe that the new man-machine symbiosis will revolutionise our manufacturing design to the level that far beyond our imagination. The key is not just the machine or robot that do the work for you 24/7, but also the talented people with the knowledge to operate learning machines and make decisions anytime and anywhere.